A quick glance at the TRANSVAL-EU online resources

A wide range of online resources are available on the TRANSVAL-EU website covering the project results so far on the validation of transversal skills and competences in Europe.

Do you want to get an insight into innovative projects, tools and practices to validate transversal skills in various countries across Europe? Then here is the Database of Good and Innovative Practices gathered by TRANSVAL-EU.  

TRANSVAL-EU also produced a State-of-the-Art Report to review EU-level frameworks, and national policies and practices in guidance and validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL), based on the results of a European stakeholder survey. A special focus was provided on the five countries where project’s trainings and field trials are carried out: (Austria, Belgium (FR), Italy, Lithuania, and Poland). 

As the project is approaching its end by August 2023, TRANSVAL-EU now reached the final phase of trainings and field trials that combine two perspectives: One is the side of practitioners and the other side is validation and guidance candidates, the end-users. 

Two documents create a foundation for this final phase: The Competence Profile that reflects how the validation and guidance practitioners understand and apply transversal competences in practice and the Transversal Competence Framework that sets a common framework of twelve competences for the validation and guidance candidates.

TRANSVAL-EU partners also organise webinars to share their findings with a wider audience: You can watch them to learn more about Validation of transversal skills in the Netherlands” and Digital skills as transversal skills”. 

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