The TRANSVAL-EU Database of Good and Innovative Practices is Online

Over the course of the research phase of the TRANSVAL-EU project, good and innovative examples on the validation of transversal skills and competences across Europe were collected and consolidated into a database that is now publicly available on the TRANSVAL-EU website.

This continuously growing database provides a powerful insight into innovative projects, tools and practices to validate transversal skills in various countries across Europe. Designed as a source of inspiration for validation and guidance practitioners, experts and researchers, the database provides information on the procedure types, target groups, language availability as well as the transversal skills and competences that are validated. It can be search via key words. The goal of the database is to enable sustainability of past and ongoing projects as well as to encourage the knowledge exchange on a European level, building a community of practice.

To learn more about the database of good and innovative tools and methods, please visit: