TRANSVAL-EU at the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2022

On 28-30 September 2022, policymakers, digital education stakeholders, trainers and educators, civic society and industry representatives gathered in Prague for the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2022. The Summit offered a variety of high-level keynote speeches, panels, workshops and informative sessions with a strong focus on the effects and on benefits of digital transformation in different sectors and groups of society.

Gabriela Ruseva, representing the TRANSVAL-EU project Partner ALL DIGITAL, presented during the AD Summit the main keys points of the project, one of the largest European policies experimenting the validation of transversal skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL). Many discussions were held and considerable interest was shown by the participants of the Summit. Gabriela also introduced the project aims, which helps validation and guidance professionals and its works on transversal competencies and on those that are not yet mainstreamed. Currently, the project is in its second year of implementation.

    •       16 partners
    •       7 EU countries
    •        Qualified consortium of experts