European Survey on Innovative Initiatives for the Validation of Transversal Competences

The EU-funded project TRANSVAL-EU is a European policy experimentation concerning innovative approaches for the validation of transversal skills obtained in non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL) contexts, including guidance services.

“Transversal skills and competences (TSCs) are learned and proven abilities which are commonly seen as necessary or valuable for effective action in virtually any kind of work, learning or life activity.  They are “transversal” because they are not exclusively related to any particular context (job, occupation, academic discipline, civic or community engagement, occupational sector, group of occupational sectors, etc.).” (new ESCO definition)

The project partners will develop and test an offer of a validation toolkit, training curricula and programmes, as well as standardised competence profiles for validation and guidance practitioners with a specific focus on transversal skills. The aim is to test the systematic embedding of transversal skills in validation and guidance processes by these trained practitioners on the individual candidates.

In order to provide these insights related to potential innovative tools, methods and approaches for the validation of transversal skills and competences in validation and guidance practices in Europe the project consortium would like to map and analyse related initiatives on the validation and guidance process integrating transversal skills throughout Europe.

The survey is addressed to experts, practitioners, policy-makers, civil servants, workers in companies, project managers involved in the field of guidance and/or validation of skills (including recognition of prior learning) in all sectors of education (adult education, higher education, VET, non-formal education, civil society organisations, schools, etc) and work stakeholders (public employment services, companies, trade unions, etc).

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Deadline to fill the survey: 30 September 2021.

Your answers will only be used anonymously for this survey and with respect for your privacy.

At the end of the survey (Autumn 2021), we will certainly inform you of its results (if you provide your email address at the end of the survey).

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