Presenting preliminary findings from the Polish field trial in Paris and Stockholm

The TRANSVAL-EU project is drawing to a close. In Poland, the field trial of the validation of transversal competences has been completed in March 2023. 

Preliminary findings from our country, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy were presented at a research conference held on 18-19 April in Paris. The event, entitled ‘Transversal Skills for Work and Life: Strengthening Guidance and Validation’, was dedicated to the role of guidance in validation. It brought together over 65 people, including representatives from all TRANSVAL-EU project’s partners. They participated in a plenary session, workshops and events aimed at networking validation practitioners.

Experts from the Educational Research Institute (IBE) presented the Skills Audit Method – one of the tools used in the Polish field trial – to an international audience. It allows to identify transversal competences using biographical and behavioral interviews, document them via portfolio and create a further development plan. 

Figure 1. Stages of the Skills Audit Method

Skills Audit Method will be shown at the European Policy Conference (our project’s closing conference)  ‘Making All Skills Visible: The Validation of Transversal Skills‘ (24-25 May) in Stockholm. At this event, experts from IBE will present the field trial results at the World Café and poster session, while the deputy director of the  Central Examination Board – the body governing all exams and validation of non-formal and informal learning in the general and vocational education in Poland – will take part in the discussion on the key policy outcomes from the TRANSVAL-EU project.

We encourage you to visit the project website. A collection of post-conference publications will soon be available.