The Partner Perspective – Lithuania

27 birželio 2021|

Lithuania is one of the seven countries participating in the consortium that implements the TRANSVAL-EU project, the validation of transversal skills across Europe. Here is Lithuania's national perspective on validation.

On the Intersection of Guidance and Validation

21 birželio 2021|

The discourse on validation has been ongoing since the first set of Guidelines for validation of non-formal and informal learning by the European Commission and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) was issued in 2009.

TRANSVAL-EU: Project Kick-Off

20 birželio 2021|

Sixteen partners from seven countries have started a new challenging endeavour – a policy experimentation on the validation of transversal skills, acquired through non-formal and informal learning across Europe - the TRANSVAL-EU project.


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