Announcement: TRANSVAL-EU Research Conference Spring 2023


The evaluation of TRANSVAL-EU will address (1) the training relevance/ completeness for practitioners in the national field trials and (2) the impact of the VNFIL process/practice changes on individuals going through validation or guidance, both in the form of national report as well as a cross-country comparison. The results will also be set out in a European Comparative Research report which shall describe the European common key-drivers concerning the implementation of the four stages of the validation process of VNFIL (identification, documentation, assessment and certification).


The evaluation of the field trials experimentation will give insight into whether validation and guidance practitioners have a stronger awareness of transversal skills and have a better understanding and competences on how to identify, document, assess and certify transversal skills and to provide advice and guidance on how these skills can be used as well as the relevance, potential impact and scalability of a training toolkit and related curriculum for further professionalization of validation and guidance practitioners. From the perspective of the adult learners, it will assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, potential impact and scalability of innovative validation practices of transversal skills on individuals (candidates of validation).


The European Research event will gather researchers from across the EU, as well as other relevant stakeholders from the private sector, NGOs, policy-makers, social partners, practitioners. It is foreseen to take place in spring 2023, we will keep you updated if you leave your contact details below.