Field Trials

The field trials activity is the practical implementation of TRANSVAL-EU. The field trials will combine two perspectives – the perspective of practitioners as well as the perspective of validation and guidance candidates, the end-users.

From the perspective of practitioners, they test the training toolkits and curriculum during a first national training organised at a national/regional level. Then, the practitioners will implement the learning from these training in real-life situations with adults going through validation and guidance practices. The field trials aim to provide insights on usability, completeness, relevance, and adequacy of the training elements and offer the opportunity for fine-tuning the curriculum.

From the perspective of the validation end-users, the field trials intend to test if embedding the validation of transversal competences in the validation process results in measurable effects on the individual validation and guidance beneficiaries.

The objective of the field trial activity is to collect quantitative and qualitative data on the outcomes and impact of the experimentation on the practitioners and other stakeholders involved, and finetune and complete the training toolkit and curriculum, as well as to define and describe training standards that can be used EU-wide. The aim is to have better knowledge on the feasibility and suitability of validation and guidance methods for the target groups and to equip the practitioners and other stakeholders with the necessary competences for pursuing training after the end of TRANSVAL-EU.