The European Training was carried out in Perugia!

On May 10th and 11th the TRANSVAL-EU European Training was carried out in Perugia, Italy, involving 30 trainees from project partner and associated partner organizations. After being postponed since March, the face-to-face delivery was very successful for promoting a fruitful exchange and share of knowledge between partner organizations and trainees, and among the large group of participants.

The training was organized in 7 Training Units, delivered by the 6 partner organizations CVDC (Belgium), OeAD (Austria), FORMA.Azione (Italy), LLLP (Belgium), LESTU (Lithuania) and IBE (Poland).

The Training represents a first fundamental step towards the national piloting phase, that will begin in June through the national trainings, followed by the implementation of the TRANSVAL-EU process for the validation of transversal competences. Therefore, the peer learning event aimed at equipping future national trainers with the necessary knowledge, tools and methods on the validation of transversal competences, developed throughout the first year of TRANSVAL-EU, so as to support partner organizations to plan and deliver the national trainings. The National Trainings will be followed by the piloting, and they will regard the partners from Austria, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy. Each country will carry out the piloting with selected candidates, with a wide variety of backgrounds: from low-skilled adults, to young adults in traineeship, from migrants to people in a phase of transition in their career.

The European Training was also an occasion for the partnership to meet and get to know each other in person, and to begin to build a community of practice for the recognition and validation of transversal competences in Europe.