TRANSVAL-EU Final Conference in Lithuania

The TRANSVAL-EU Final Conference in Lithuania took place at the Vilnius School of Automotive Engineering and Business on 22 June 2023 with the theme “Recognition of Transferable Competences across Europe”. A large number of participants from vocational schools in Vilnius, Ukmergė, Utena and other cities attended the conference.

The conference was opened by Inga Puiša, Project Manager of LESTU, who spoke about the progress of the project, the research carried out in the course of the project, as well as the different levels of transferable competencies.

Aušra Fokienė, the TRANSVAL-EU project expert, gave an overview of the thoughts expressed during the interviews of the participating teachers about the assessment of pupils’ competencies and the challenges they face, as well as reflected on which competences are the most difficult to assess.

Lina Vaitkutė, Head of the Qualifications and Vocational Training Development Centre’s Qualifications Development Unit, presented different theories of competences acquisition. She also talked about employers’ expectations of apprentices and their acquired competences. 

The conference was closed by Aistė Vaišnorė from Kaunas University of Technology, who talked about the STEAM competences model and the important role of art in the learning and cognitive process. After the presentation, the participants were invited to test the theory in practice and to propose a solution to a global problem through art.