TRANSVAL-EU webinars to learn more on how to validate transversal skills

The Lifelong Learning Platform recently hosted two one-hour webinars as an extra session to the European training for validation and guidance practitioners, which took place in May. Both webinars were recorded and are available on Youtube. Project partners, practitioners invited to the training and some members of LLLP’s validation task force joined the events.

In the first webinar (28th of April 2022), we invited Annie Kempers as a guest speaker. She is a member of the TRANSVAL-EU expert board and representative of the Dutch Examination Chamber and the National Knowledge Centre for validation. Annie presented the validation system for transversal skills in the Netherlands. As we found out in TRANSVAL-EU research, the Netherlands is one of the most advanced EU countries in this aspect. Annie made a 30 minutes presentation which was followed by a 30 minutes Q&A session. Watch it here.

In the second webinar (23rd of May 2022), our guest speaker was Florian Hinterberger from Migrare (Austrian NGO working on migration). In the first 40 minutes, Florian presented the method and tools they use in their organisation to validate the transversal skills of migrants. This presentation is then followed by 20 minutes of Q&As. Watch it here.