The Partner Perspective – Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the countries participating in the consortium that implements the TRANSVAL-EU project – Validation of transversal skills across Europe.

Both development and validation of transversal skills in Lithuania has so far been rather fragmented in education policy. However, it has been recognised as one of the priorities and one of the main demands in the labor market.

In general, validation of prior learning is not a new service in Lithuania – it functions quite well in the higher education sector, and is being more and more developed in vocational education and training. Validation of transversal competences has always been a topic of discussions in terms of its measurability, assessment methodology and tools.

In 2023, the TRANSVAL-EU partners will be presenting the results of the project: recommendations to policies, validation methodology and tools. TRANSVAL-EU is very much timely to Lithuania and is expected to enrich the existing practices of validation of prior learning, as well as contribute to better development of transversal competences in all education sectors.