Tools and Methods for the Validation of Transversal Skills



Procedure Type:

Psychometric questionnaire


All Sectors

Target Group:

Migrants, refugees, young adults


English, French, Spanish, Greek, Farsi, Arabic

Georgraphical Scope:

Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium

Stage of Validation:


Competences in the Original Procedure:

10 business-oriented universal hard and soft core skills and respective 25 sub-skills (totally 35 dimensions). We list here the skills that can be found also in the Transval competence framework: 1. Organisation, Organisational skills 2. Problem solving, Adaptability 3. Team working 4. Work efficiency 5. Language learning aptitude, Social interaction/communication 6. ICT skills 7.Willingness to learn

Competences in TRANSVAL-EU:

Managing and organising activities, Solving problems and reacting to the unforeseen, Cooperating and fostering cooperation, Resource management, Using oral/written communication in one or several languages, Communicating using digital technologies, Developing one’s competences and profile