Tools and Methods for the Validation of Transversal Skills



Procedure Type:

Biography-orientated procedure /methods, e.g. card-methods, memory maps, mind-mapping-methods, questionnairs, documentation forms


No specific sector

Target Group:

Persons with migration background, low knowledge of german, individuals with disability, low-skilled adults, older people over 50, people not in employment and education



Georgraphical Scope:


Stage of Validation:

Identification, Documentation

Competences in the Original Procedure:

Personal competences: questioning, resilience, purposefulness, enthusiasm for new things, adaptability, independence, reliability, stress resistance, critical faculties, ability to concentrate, taking initiative, discipline, willingness to learn new things, …) Social competences: openness, enthusiasm, empathy, ability to integrate, social responsibility, ability to listen, integrating others into a group, helping the weak, making contacts, cooperating, getting along with different people and cultures, delegating, dealing with sick, old or disabled people Methodical competences: plan tasks/work, solve problems well, see things from several perspectives, keep an overview, distinguish important from unimportant, work in a structured way, think and act analytically, adapt well to new situations, moderate meetings, manage and control tasks and projects, manage time well, think and act holistically, concentrate on the essentials, organize processes/projects, …

Competences in TRANSVAL-EU:

Managing and organizing activities, Solving problems and reacting to the unforeseen, Cooperating and fostering cooperation, Resource Management, Critical thinking,


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