Tools and Methods for the Validation of Transversal Skills



Procedure Type:

Guide for recognising transversal skills related to employability and the certification of qualification (level EQF 5-8)


All Sectors

Target Group:

Orientation and guidance centres, validation centres, employment agencies, educational institutions


French, English

Georgraphical Scope:

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania

Stage of Validation:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment, Certification

Competences in the Original Procedure:

Transversal Skills Related To Employability And Certifications Qualifications

Competences in TRANSVAL-EU:

Managing and organizing activities; Reacting to the unforeseen; Cooperating and fostering collaboration; Ressource management; Using oral communication in one or several languages; Taking social and cultural norms into account; Using written communication in one or several languages; Communicating using digital technologies; Building one’s career path; Developing one’s competences and profile