A law proposal for the enhancement of life skills in the Italian school system

The development of life skills, the key theme of the TRANSVAL-EU project, is formally arriving in the Italian school system: last January 2022, the Italian Chamber of Deputies approved a law with the aim of conducting a three-year experimentation of didactic activities and development of the “Non cognitive competences”, starting from the next school year 2022-2023 in every school of order and degree. These refer to the human and social capacities that make the person able to face the daily challenges with a positive approach: stress management skills, empathy, problem solving, motivation and proactivity. An important challenge for the Italian schools: to innovate the educational action, to enhance the centrality of the student, as it is recognized by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, who confirmed that the goal is to ensure the effective and full development of every young person.

There will be training programmes for teachers to strengthen their ability to guide students in the continuous changes of the society, to support them in the development of personal attitudes and skills needed when making the most important choices of their life since the early years.

The success of the proposal will certainly depend on the availability of innovative tools that can also be transferred from the vocational training system, which opens up an interesting future for the usability of the good practices developed in the TRANSVAL-EU project.