ALL DIGITAL, partner in the TRANSVAL-EU project, organises its annual flagship event – the ALL DIGITAL Summit – on 13th October. The Summit is the annual meeting point of all stakeholders that empower citizens across Europe with technology: non-profit organisations, training centres, VET providers, libraries and networks of digital competence centres. It is a unique opportunity for the European digital inclusion sector to present achievements and exchange ideas with policy makers at EU and national level, academics, young people, digital skills trainers and private companies. 

The 14th ALL DIGITAL Summit will explore Digital Skills and Tools for a Better World. The three days of the event will in turn focus on three digital empowerment themes: citizens and competence centres; STE(A)M educators; and young people. 

The connecting aspect between these themes is solving real world and societal problems through digital tools and digital skills training. The underlying aim of the event is to increase the capacity, readiness and resilience of the digital inclusion sector. 

In addition to keynotes and panel discussions, the event will introduce a number of projects and dive deeper into tools and approaches focusing different audiences within the main themes. One of these projects will be TRANSVAL-EU. Digital skills are part of transversal skills and can enable other skills. Jump in at 16:30h on 13th October to hear Pauline Boivin present the project and ask your questions.

ALL DIGITAL seeks to contribute to dialogue, implementation, and co-operation on these and other actions to deliver Europe’s digital future. 

The event will be held in a hybrid format – a central studio in Brussels combined with a live stream on a platform where participants will be able to interact with other conference participants and schedule 1:1 meetings. Read more about the programme here and be sure to register