Operational online meeting with practitioners in Umbria

On October 24th, FORMA.Azione and ARPAL Umbria held an online meeting with the practitioners who joined the face to face training held in June in the Region.

The meeting focused on updating the practitioners on the latest news from the project meeting in Vienna, and on revising the monitoring and data collection tools at their disposal, that will support the research process of TRANSVAL-EU.

During the meeting, more operational indications were shared with the practitioners, in order to get started with the trials with the candidates. The field trials in Italy will focus on the identification and documentation of the six following transversal competences:

  • Using oral communication in one or several languages
  • Communicating using digital technologies
  • Building one’s career path
  • Developing one’s own competence and profile
  • Solving problems and reacting to the unforeseen
  • Managing information and Critical Thinking

The trials with the candidates are set to start mid-November in Umbria.