Digital skills as transversal skills – webinar 30.03 @ 10h

Join us at the upcoming webinar « Digital skills as transversal skills » on 30th March 2022 at 10h00-11h30 CET via Zoom.  The event is organised as part of ALL DIGITAL weeks taking place between 14th March and 14th April 2022 – a campaign on digital inclusion and skills. The aim of the event is to discuss why digital skills are considered as one of the main transversal, or transferable, skills needed across different work and life contexts.

TRANSVAL-EU is looking at making transversal skills visible in validation and guidance processes. Among the twelve transversal skills included in the Transversal Competence Framework, one is focusing on digital aspects: “Communicating using digital technologies”. Digital skills can be considered as transversal because they are considered as basic skills along with literacy and numeracy. They have become foundational in many life and work contexts. Moreover, some digital skills are highly transferable to any job occupations like using online conferencing/call tools, creating a digital presentation, searching on the internet, posting on social media, etc. 

During this webinar, TRANSVAL-EU project partners will explain why in the Transversal Competence Framework digital skills are considered from a communication point of view. They will also present the results of the collection of tools and methods, which includes a good number of digital tools for the validation of transversal skills. One of the tools which will be presented is NADINE – digital iNtegrAteD system for the social support of mIgraNts and refugEes. It helps to identify migrants’ transversal skills using algorithms and an advanced self-assessment questionnaire. Finally, the floor will be open for Q&As, interaction and discussions with the audience on the most relevant tools for assessing digital skills.

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10h00 – 10h20

Intro to the TRANSVAL-EU project – representative of OeAD/LLLP (tbc)

10h20 – 10h30

The Transversal competence framework and the focus on digital communication – representative of CDVC (tbc)

10h30 – 10h45

Presentation of the results of the tools and methods collection Mariya Dzhengozova, 3s

10h45 – 11h00

Presentation of NADINE platform Laura Profiri, Pluriversum

11h00 – 11h30

Q&A and discussion