Tools and Methods for the Validation of Transversal Skills



Procedure Type:

Guide for recognising transversal skills related to employability and the certification of qualification (level EQF 1-4)


All sectors, with a focus on the validation and guidance professionals

Target Group:

Orientation and guidance centres, validation centres, employment agencies


French, English

Georgraphical Scope:

France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Stage of Validation:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment, Certification

Competences in the Original Procedure:

Transversal Skills Related To Employability And Certifications Qualifications

Competences in TRANSVAL-EU:

Managing and organising activities, Cooperating and fostering cooperation, Reacting to the unforseen, Ressource management, Using oral communication in one or several languages, Taking professional, social and cultural norms into account, Using written communication in one or several languages, Communicating using digital technologies, Building one’s career path, Developing one’s competences and profile