Transval-EU is preparing for the European training!

The Transval-EU project is running smoothly and successfully, and we are proud to inform about the ongoing preparation of the curriculum for the European training programme for validation and guidance practitioners. The learning outcomes based programme emphasizes identifying, documenting, assessing, and certifying transversal skills and competences, including guidance of individuals in real-life national and regional pilots. 

It is planned that ca. 30 practitioners from 5 EU countries will pilot the programme in the first half of the year 2022. Later on, after the training programme is piloted, improved and finalised, it will be multiplied in Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Belgium. It is planned to reach up to 175 validation practitioners in national trainings, which will be based on how to integrate more systematically transversal skills in the validation or guidance processes. It is to be noted, that even though it is a European training programme, it has a strong emphasis on analysis and adaptation to the national contexts of the participating countries as well as different sectors that will be represented by validation practitioners.

More information about the training for validation practitioners will be provided in the next months. The training is schedules to take place at the beginning of May.